I initially recorded this last month but have only just had chance to upload it.

Unfortunately, over the last month my predictions in the video regarding the irrelevancy of slave trading as a basis for removing statues have been proven true. Slave trading is no longer the primary justification for the anti-white pogrom, whose scope has extended to the desecration of the memory of William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Queen Victoria and Christopher Columbus. It is now abundantly clear that its objective is not to erase the veneration of slave traders; it is to denigrate the figureheads of the white race.

However, it may serve to be the most significant wake up call for indigenous Europeans since the Brexit referendum.

The most interesting news of the day comes from the Dalai Lama’s visit to Malmö, Sweden, a highly immigrant dominated city with an astonishing crime rate, most victims of crimes being indigenous Swedes.

At a conference on how to create a more peaceful and happy society, the Dalai Lama has been quoted as saying of the situation that “Europe belongs to the Europeans”, the same thing we have been saying for years, and that “it should be made clear to refugees that they should return to their own countries and rebuild them”.

He also added “Receive them, help them, educate them… but ultimately they should develop their own country,”

Interestingly, this is the stance outlined in the manifestos of Alternative for Deutschland, Alternative for Sverige, Viva Malta, the BNP and the National Front. I suppose the next allegation the braindead left will attempt to employ is of namecalling the Dalai Lama a Neonazi skinhead or “Far right thug”.

In our hour of need, it seems only fitting that the man who would defend us and our right as Europeans to defend our heritage, culture and race is a man who himself knows all too well the devastating effects of ethnic replacement, having lived through communist China’s annexation of Tibet which sought to suppress Tibetan culture through hostility.

As significant as these comments are, isn’t it funny that no major left wing or even centrist newspaper has covered this story? I wonder why? They were all over the Dalai Lama when he was standing up for the legality of homosexual marriage.

Britain, and indeed Europe as a whole is on the precipice of complete destruction, a precipice that Tibetans know all too well, but a precipice they managed to climb away from. Organised crime syndicates established by second and third generation Jamaicand and Africams, bolstered by alleged refugees, already control parts of Manchester, Birmingham and most of South and East London, and the situation is even worse in Sweden with one town, Rinkeby, completely under migrant control and thus completely lawless.

Last year, 18 low-ranking members of the gang that run parts of Birmingham, the Burger Bar Boys, have been arrested after uploading videos to YouTube rapping about the murders they have committed towards the rival gang, “The Johnson Crew” who also own entire streets of inner Birmingham.

I think I’ll leave it there for now, but be sure to look up the stories for yourself.

Health and happiness! Ver heill og sæell!

C.A., author.





This is a transcript of the “Never Apologise” speech by the late Jonathan Bowden, culture officer of the BNP; I decided to create this transcript considering I could not find one anywhere else.

A politician in our party once said “Wouldn’t it be better if we presented ourselves as the victims?”

The problem with doing that is that it’s what everyone else does. And it can be done, because there are many white victims in this society now, in the way that its going, but if you concentrate on pain and defeat you will breed resentment, and I believe that resentment and pity are the things to be avoided. Fire, energy, glory and thinking, thinking is the important thing.

Being white isn’t enough. Being English isn’t enough. Being British isn’t enough. Know what you are! To read about your own culture is a revolutionary act. Many Western people feel that because it is generally a given in the society and culture that they’re in that variants of our group have committed atrocities, that our civilization is therefore rendered worthless, almost in its entirety, except when it apologizes for its right to exist.

And if you have a decline and you have a desire to assert yourself to arrest the decline, and you have to apologize to yourself about even having the idea of assertion to arrest decline, you’re not going to get anywhere, are you?

And that’s what this weapon is. My view is the following: I am technically a pagan, and pagans believe that creation and destruction go together, that love is fury, that whatever occurred and whatever occurs, we don’t have to apologize. We step over what exists.

So, if somebody says to you that you’re descended from brigands, which is in a sense what that sort of contrary ideology is, you say “I’m not going to bother about figures and who did what to whom; I’ve overcome that!”

And they may say “Oh, well, I don’t like the sound of that! That’s a bit illiberal.”

And I’d say (or you just say) “Liberalism is moral syphilis, and I’m stepping over it!”

“I don’t like the sound of that! You sound like a bit of a fascist to me.”

And I’d say “There’s nothing wrong with fascism, nothing wrong with fascism at all.” I believe we’ve created a modern world that has been taken away from what it could have been. If people with our sorts of values ruled modernity, everything about this society would be at one level the same, and in every other respect completely different. People would still drive contemporary cars, There’d still be jets, and there’d still be supercomputers and so on, but the texture and the nature of life would be different in every respect.

How so?

Firstly, cultures would be mono-ethnic. Secondly, there would be a respect for the past glories of our civilisation. Thirdly, we would not preface every attempt to be strong by saying “I’m sorry…I’m sorry for what we have done…”


And we’ve stepped over the prospect of “Being sorry”.

We have to understand that belief is not a narrowness. Belief is an understanding that there are truths outside of nature and outside of the contingent universe that’s in front of us, that are absolute. The left wing view that it’s all relative and we make it up as we go along is false.


There was a thinker who lived 2500 years ago called Heraclitus, and my type of thinking is his linear descendant. He was a pre-Socratic, a sophist. He lived right at the beginning of Western thought, when we actually wrote down what we think. He wrote a book on nature which Aristotle glossed over and which has survived in fragments. What did he believe? He believed that everything is a form of energy, a fire that exists in all forms of organic and inorganic matter, that thought and the sentience of nature is what we are; nature has become sentient in us, which means that we must incarnate natural law as a principle of being. Its called Becoming, in my philosophy.

Right wing ideas aren’t just a bit of flag waving and baiting a few Muslims. Right wing ideas are spiritually about inequality.

“Did you hear that? He says people are unequal!”


Intelligence is biological. Beauty is biological. Ferocity (or a predisposition to it) is biological. Intellect is biological. You can do a bit, but you’re born to be what you are. And we should celebrate what we were born to be. The left loves equality; it believes that we are all the same and we must be treated the same, and they believe that as a morality, as a moral good which will be imposed. The right, even if you don’t want to use that term, stands for nature, and for that which is given.

What does that mean? It means that conflict is natural and good. It means domination is natural and good. It means that what you have to do in order to survive is natural and good. It means that we should not begin every sentence by apologizing for our past or apologizing for who we are.

Never apologise.