All people who have a vanguard and elitist mentality, like myself, are always regarded as partly mad even amongst their own groups because the vast majority of people do not want to know, the majority of people wish to live their own life in their own way, and they only look at these broader questions when life impinges upon them and the hand of life grasps them by the collar and they really cannot do any other thing but notice what is in front of them.

Said people, the majority of indigenous British people, would love if many of the problems of contemporary Britain, such as job shortages, youth unemployment, overpopulation, housing shortages and a loss of socio-religous identity just to name a few amongst many others which revolve around the process of immigration were to be solved but would love to have nothing to do with it themselves. They would love for someone, such as myself, to magically come forward without trouble and without fuss to deal with it on their behalf. They want no unpleasantness, and they want no nastiness particularly in their own name, but at the same time if somebody does things of any sort that could be ascribed to that they would run away and hide initially, be privately pleased, condemn the people that did it, support the people who were against them, and yet at the same time have a secret smirk and smile on their face about the whole thing, and they would do all of that simultaneously, because that’s what people are like, that’s what our own people are like, and that’s the funk and the state of internal confusion and bermusement that British people are in because every time they turn on the box in the corner it says that everything is marvelous and is all for the best and that there’s no need to worry and that we’re all sleepwalking towards victory.

The centre of Luton, England, which has been almost
almost entirely ethnically cleansed of indigenous
 Britons by Muslim “contributors”, 37.5% of which 
claim unemployment benefit from a nation
they simultaneously despise
Just because most of the politics of this era seems to be running well and truly against us does not mean that the situation is hopeless, because situations are never hopeless. Groups that have been dumbed down are have been perceived to have been dumbed down by history have undergone worse traumas than we are undergoing at the present time. The danger of the ideology of the victim, which I don’t really subscribe to except as a tactic on occasion, is that one begins to think like a victim and begins to act like a victim.

Many of our people now are almost asking for a whipping, asking for a collective beating and asking to be forgiven for the past, asking to be forgiven for sins and crimes of the past which they never committed, which they’re hardly aware of, which could be construed as acts of heroic cruelty or glorious vanguardism that don’t even need to be apologised for in the past or in the present.

(C.A.), author.