Written by C.A., author, blogger, so called “nutter”.

This picture is not to suggest I am the
pinnacle of fitness, but just to show I’m
not a clueless fat bloke behind the keyboard!
Modern life is sluggish and modern people are sluggish. We have become a world in which the terms “more convenient” and “better” have become synonymous.

Human beings, like all animals are designed for a wild lifestyle and a wild diet. We are designed to eat a wide variety of fruit, vegetables, nuts and free ranged meat and fish.

Around 5000BC this all changed though. Agriculture, like so many other great things, spread over from the Middle East into Europe and changed the way we live even to this very day. We stopped hunting and started living pathetic sedentary existences on grains, bread, porridge and all manner of stodgy, starchy foods. Our life expectancy, height and capabilities deteriorated and are only just beginning to recuperate to the level they were at 5000 years ago.

In future survival scenarios, it is unlikely that an agricultural lifestyle will be readily sustainable, nor would it be ideal. We would have to rely on persistence hunting techniques and gathering of fruits, nut and vegetables, the reason being that industrialised agriculture is only sustained by rare earth, a form of mineral-rich soil being shipped in from foreign countries.

What carbs are we typically eating?

Most people eat carbs such as rice, bread, noodles, porridge, potatoes, crisps and fries, pastries and cakes regularly. Pack it in!

What’s so bad about eating carbs?

There are numerous issues associated with carb-rich diets, here are just a few:

Mood swings:

Eating carbs can only keep your mood consistent if you’re consistently munching on carbs throughout the day. There are two ways your muscles get energy. One, from carbs and sugars and two, from your body’s fat stores. However, eating carbs means your body is not used to using its natural fat stores, so when you go 4 hours or so without munching a load of bread or chips, your body goes into something known as Reactive Hyopglecemia, otherwise known in the Keto/Paleo world as a Carb Crash. The body essentially goes into shock because it is trying to cope with the massive amounts of glucose from a starchy meal it is being pummelled with and the result is a sensation of tiredness and fatigue. The body response to the rapid glucose spike by producing insulin. When the blood glucose crashes back down, the mood swing occurs.


Makes you fat:

Need I say any more? Carbs make you fat, I think that’s mainstream enough knowledge that I don’t have to elaborate. The only thing worth saying though is that if you eat natural fats instead of carb you will have a lot less trouble with regulating weight.

Ages you more quickly:

When the body produces insulin to reduce high glucose levels caused by gorging on sandwiches, the insulin reacts with the lipid and produces something called an AGE, an Advanced Glycation End-Product. AGEs are proteins and lipids that are given off during the glucose regulation process, and they get in the way of the body cells, damaging them and contributing to ageing.


Feeds parasitic fungus: 

Eating carbs and sugars feeds the parasitic fungus Candida Albicans that lives in the mouth and the gut. In the average person, 9lbs of this parasitic fungus is sapping your energy and is the main source of bad breath and if Candida growth gets out of control it causes block sinuses, headaches, downstairs infections, itchy skin and all manner of other ailments, all because its easier to eat carbs and sugars than good food.

Here’s are links to further information on Candida Overgrowth:


Makes you mentally slow, lethargic and sleepy:

This also links back to what I was saying earlier in regards to carb crashes.

What do I replace eating carbs with?

Eat more good fats.

Instead of eating heavy starchy foods, eat foods that are high in natural levels of good fats like Omega 3, Omega 6, Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fat. Nuts should be a staple food as you can get a good amount of protein and good fats from nuts, plus they are extremely cheap. Here is a list of foods containing good fat:

  • Olive Oil
  • Avocados
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Fatty Fish
  • Seeds
  • Cheese

The body has two ways of fueling our muscles and organs to give us energy. One way is that the body breaks down sugars and carbs and uses them, the other is that the body burns our body fat and breaks it down to use as fuel. The latter is the one you want to be doing if you’re eating paleo so you shouldn’t fear eating fatty foods as long as it is the right type of fat.

I’ll leave you with these pieces of knowledge and advice for today. A healthy body is a healthy mind, and vice versa. Heath and happiness!