Communism kills the body, but liberalism rots the soul.

We cannot have a society in which death has no meaning, because then life has no meaning, and we cannot have a society that bases itself upon the absence of a religious urge, however you define that urge, and whatever system you use because your will end up with a society which has two values beyond subsistence, these two values being summarised in the title of a grubby play produced in London a couple of years ago called Shopping & Fornication.

We have been ruled by liberal ideas for many centuries now, but in the most acute form in the last 50 years. Liberal ideas wish to claim men and women as the same and as interchangeable, that war its morally bad, that all races are the same and should all live together, and that the population that lives within a country are merely existing within a “zone”, just an economic area, that everything is based upon rationalism and materialism and is purely a calculation of economic self interest.

Now, there’ll be many of you reading thinking “what is this bloke talking about? This is all abstraction.” but go out there in the street and you will see an example of a society that is based upon these sorts of ideas.

We face a situation in the West where paradoxically, spiritually, we are in a far worse state than the people that lived under communism, and this is one of the great ironies because the Marxist mania and communism froze things, it froze things glacially for 50 years in many respects, and much of the decay, the voluntary decay which we have imposed upon ourselves because of ideas that successive generations of our leaders have adopted from themselves and from others didn’t occur to the same degree in the East. The ideas of self and racial denigration, that patriotism is the worst evil on Earth, that patriotism is always one stop from genocide, that your own group (if one is even allowed to believe in such a thing) is always the worst group, these ideas haven’t been institutionalized or internalized quite to the same degree.

Its perverse that peace and plenty have produced more decadence and decay than hard-line puritanism, artistic philistinism, queuing and terror, but that’s what’s happened. Most people in Western societies now are so dumbed down and so degraded but almost every aspect of life that nearly any philosophical speculation about life is indeterminate and considered completely meaningless, its a channel which they never turn on.

The society that we have now it’s a result of the fact that every politician, in all of the parties represented in the major assemblies, including most so-called “radical right” parties which are in their essence still of a populist hue, believe in Homo Economicus, they believe that man is an economic integer, and nothing else m

“Immigration? Its good for the economy, don’t you know?”

But ask yourself, is life really about shopping? Is life really about making more and more money? Is life really about eating yourself to death?

The epitome of modern, Western liberal decadence

I personally believe as Evola did that people are hardwired for faith, maybe one in ten find they have no need of it at all, but for most people it is a requirement. The depth of the belief, the knowledge that goes into the belief, the system one comes out of is slightly incidental, but man needs emotional truths.

George Bernard Shaw once said that one man with belief is worth fifty men that don’t have any, whether this belief be philosophical, religous, semi-religous, philosophical molded into religous or vice versa. Without the belief that there is something above you and before you and beyond you and behind you which leads to that which is above you we seem as a species content to slough down into the lowest common denominator, the lowest possible level.

C.A., author.