Good day. I hope that those who have previously followed my work as Vassal of Asgard or have otherwise taken an interest in my work are well.

As the White Wizard once said, there have been questions. Questions that needed answering. Though I could blame my absence on my time spent travelling or my new working schedule, this would simply be an excuse, and less than you readers deserve.

The Enemy, the restless, watchful eye, has many spies in his service, and it has been a trying time. Though for a long time silent, in the background I have been busying away to set in place a framework for future development and some important projects. The first of which is this new website, which I hope you find to be an improvement over the old Blogger blog.

I also haven’t been without (more than) my fair share of impediments that have hindered getting the aforementioned projects completed and published to you, dear Reader, much sooner.

On two occasions in the year just gone, I had been anonymously reported on two separate occasions to the plastic Gestapo agency known as “Prevent” which jeopardised my education, my family and had the potential to damage my employment prospects. During this time, my personal life, in addition to my writing and even my family (who were also contacted) were rigorously and unscrupulously cross-examined. I am sure many you will be familiar with the modus operandi of this government project.

The primary individual responsible for initiating these reports and investigations, which were concluded last July, knew me personally and deliberately engineered the attack at a time that they believed would do the maximum damage: during my A Level exam preparation.

Subsequently, this lead to a period of inquisition. There was simply no point in moving forward with completing any more work with one or more saboteurs in our midst. Withholding compromising details as to how, I took the necessary time to secure all of my accounts and to remove the mole who had been rooted under my nose for about twelve months. I then left the dust to settle for long enough to be sure that I was not still the victim of any espionage, and to allow the situation to dissipate and be forgotten. In the words of Cromwell

“My desire is to make what haste I can to be gone.”

The implications of the interrogation and harassment undertaken by the UK’s “counter-extremism” circus and the damage it could inflict upon my career, education, family and extended circle have been something I have had to carefully consider.

Chester Traditionalist Guild

Attempts to establish a grassroots Traditionalist movement have been slow-going, but building gradually. I am increasingly convinced that community-building events ought to be the foundation of any movement who sets out to impart any societal change. Online activities should only ever be a mere accessory to this.

Two of the primary difficulties in terms of organising events are gaining exposure, which simply takes patience and experience, and finding a compatible venue, which can be more challenging. Though the few venues I have interacted with have stated that there didn’t seem to be any issue with what we plan to use the venue for, this can all change when the usual culprits attempt to stir up trouble and contact venues. To preempt this, I felt it would be best to go back to he drawing board and evaluate how events would be organised and promoted to avoid this situation.

Due to hard work performing a detailed re-evaluation of resources, improvement of marketing and a refining of strategy which has included establishing new contacts, growing an audience and palpable community interest, plans to launch the Chester Traditionalist Guild in full are set in motion for Summer 2020.

Creative Productivity

During my interim, I have also been in the process of writing two books (my second and third) that I plan to get out this year. The second will be a book on genealogy and local history, whilst the other will be a continuation, expansion and partial revision of my first book An Essential Introduction to Metaphysics (2018).

On the subject of which, my first book is now online again as a PDF, and I am in the process of working on self-publishing it both as an Amazon eBook and in hard copy format. I have just finished the design and formatting process and have sent it off to Kindle Direct Publishing to be approved. This is likely to take about a week. eBooks are to be priced at £0.99 and hard copies at £3.50.

Link to An Essential Introduction to Metaphysics:

I have also created a YouTube channel and Bitchute account, both under the name Arthur Hath Risen, that I will begin uploading to soon.

Link to my YouTube and Bitchute channels:

A renewal of faith, and closing words

Seeing the UK’s (fairly) recent General Election result has given renewed faith that a political solution to if not all, then some, of the current crises faced by the people of this nation is well within reach. The question now is not whether the British people want a Patriotic Alternative, but whether we can deliver it to them.


Coming up against such vehement opposition, I have returned to the cause with an increased vigour and alacrity.

It is as John Tyndall once said:

Everything worth having comes through struggle. Nothing that is worth having comes easy in this world of ours.

Farewell for now. Arthur hath risen.