Charles has been actively studying the subject of genealogy for several years now, having principally began in the exploration of his own heritage and family journey.

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A selection of the most interesting figures in the tree can be seen below:

Milite Lancia De Apapis

Milite Lancia de Apapis, born circa 1420 in Ghawdex (Gozo), Malta was captain of the Citadel of Rabat, pictured below. He played a vital role in preventing the Ottoman invasion of the Maltese islands and is the first attested individual to use the De Apapis name. The family may have been Greek Orthodox Catholics at this time, as it is said that the surname is a Latinization of the Greek word apapy, meaning “Dandelion”. Whether this was used to describe the physical appearance of its namesake or describe where they lived is unknown.

His son married Leonora De Nasis, the daughter of Pino De Nasis, a Juror of who may have been related to the Italian De Nasi family, who were wealthy Sephardi Jews.