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Charge of the Dyke Brigade (regarding the statue snatchers)

I initially recorded this last month but have only just had chance to upload it. Unfortunately, over the last month my predictions in the video regarding the irrelevancy of slave trading as a basis for removing statues have been proven true. Slave trading is no longer the primary justification for the anti-white pogrom, whose scope […]

An Introduction to the Tenets of Traditionalism (Video Transcript):

This a transcript for my the first video uploaded to the new YouTube channel, Embedded below: Perhaps the best place to start this channel would be with an introduction to Traditionalism, and provide a somewhat crude whistle stop overview of what will be filled out in later videos comprehensively. As a precursor, I must state […]

Questions. Questions that needed answering!

Good day. I hope that those who have previously followed my work as Vassal of Asgard or have otherwise taken an interest in my work are well. As the White Wizard once said, there have been questions. Questions that needed answering. Though I could blame my absence on my time spent travelling or my new […]

Fuzzy Logic & Musings from the Protozoan Slime

The average human being, described originally by Karl Marx in an unexpectedly anti-egalitarian fashion, is so dull, senseless and uncomprehending as to barely even constitute being classified as alive. These humans: the rabble, the canaille, or as Marx termed them the “Lumpen Proletariat”, are not concerned nor are biologically capable of being in any way concerned […]

Who are the Aryans? Part 3: Aryan Nomenclature across Eurasia

This article will continue on from the previous two parts of this series, which you may like to read before this article, as I will build upon the information already established. To summarise the previous articles, the term Aryan does not mean “Blond haired and blue eyed”. Though many Aryans did look like that, the […]

Masculine and Feminine, a traditionalist perspective

Foreword: At the end of writing this, it became clear to me that many of the principles I have discussed are highly complex and may take several readings as well as external study to fully understand. I considered adapting the language to simplify concepts for the reader, but there is no simple way or simple […]

Buddhism in the context of Aryan Tradition

“Accordingly, in the original cycle of Aryan civilizations, both Eastern and Western, there is not the smallest trace of divine figures being so concerned with mankind as to come near to pursuing them in order to gain their adherence and to “save” them. An Aryan mind has too much respect for other people, and its […]

Julius Evola on Modern Women:

American women are characteristically frigid and materialistic. The man who ‘has his way’ with an American girl is under a material obligation to her. The woman has granted a material favour. In cases of divorce American law overwhelmingly favours the woman. American women will divorce readily enough when they see a better bargain. Nothing is more […]

A poem dedicated to an Aryan goddess, by J.R.R. Tolkien

In The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo and Sam find themselves traveling through the Old Forest when they encounter Gildor Inglorion and his band of Elves, who are heading West to the Grey Havens to venture to the Undying Lands beyond the Sea. It is time for the Elves to go home; they were called […]

A collection of Anglo-Saxon and Middle English music

The Anglo-Saxons were tribes of Germanic peoples who settled in Britain from the 6th century to the 8th century, founding what we now know as Angle-land, or England. The Saxons were so called after they’re characteristic blade design, the sax. The word angle derives from proto Indo European angaz, meaning narrow, as Northern Germany and […]

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