My great-grandfather and my great-great grandfather in the Second World didn’t fight for tolerance, for equality or for inclusivity, they fought for power, and for glory and for what the British people were and what we could be again.
If you could tell my great-grandfather that he fought for 6 years in the scorching heat of North Africa, eating bread full of flies, for what this country has now become, no doubt he would have considered the fight to have not been worthwhile, as he had already begun to do at the end of his life in the 1980s.
Never forgot what they really fought to preserve and how important it is that our side of the bargain is upheld in living in accordance with their wishes.

Northwestern dialect:

Am honestly gettin sick a talkin proper. What’s ado with not talkin proper anyway? It only mekks it harder spekking words how ther spelt, not ta mention it would be nowt like a doo if we all gabbed sham. So, do summat reet and pop int library or on t’internet an ‘ave a luke at yer local gab, spek it gay often and bring it bag inta fettle!

Posh Talk:
I tire of speaking properly. What is wrong with conversing in an improper manner? Not doing so only serves to make pronunciation difficult, and life would not be particularly pleasant if all conversation was alike. Ergo, retreat to your preferred research methodology, learn about dialects, speak them often and revive them!
Just a few to get yus started.

The old city of Chester in the 1930s, prior to being enriched by the delightful waves of upstanding individuals that produced Brook Street. Notice on the video people are standing talking to one another on the rows, no incompetent culturally enriched taxi drivers or traffic jams, there are no piss stains on the rows, there are no homeless drug addicts, and the town is half as busy as it is today.

Likewise Crewe, which now has a population of 70’000, only had a population of 70 (!) in the early 19th century, after which the town was irreparably altered. Even post-IR, the population of Crewe was only 30’000 when these pictures were taken.

Needless to say, due to how enriched Brook Street, Chester has become, it has now been transformed unrecognisably from the white privelaged, offensively clean, narrow-minded and racist street it once was into a lively, characterful and totally not ridden with crime area, thriving in our newly formed multicultural Britain where us indigenous people just shut up and enjoy the show! Worked well for the native Americans, so thanks Ahmed’s Takeaway, Halal Food Market and Polki Sklep, Chester wouldn’t be as good without you!

Brook Street, Chester in the 1960s

Remember when UKIP were booming and people pointed out that the reason they like Farage is because he wasn’t like other politicians and tells it how it is? Well, there’s seems to be quite a few issues that seem to be too risky for Ol’ Nige to touch with a bargepole.

In this video, Avi Yemini, the apostate from Islam who of course has no racial stake in highlighting the problems with Islam questions Nigel Farage on Islam as a whole, and the answer he gives is no different to the one you would get from Cobbo, Treason May, Vince Rusty Cable, Dianne Flabbott or any of the rest of the PC brigade.

Nigel Farage, the Nigel Farage that many claim as a breath of fresh air, states “Most Muslims in the West are moderate and well integrated.”

Ol’ Nige isn’t daft, but he knows that to tell the truth would be to risk losing mass support and having his ego dampened.

He even played the old liberal trick of likening Avi Yemini, who is clearly of Middle Eastern descent to a Nazi, asking him “What are you going to do, kill them all?”

The fact is that in 2016 a House of Commons committee released a report stating that in the Muslim community 65% of women and 35% of Muslim men are unemployed and being paid for by the British taxpayer.

That’s half of them, Nige, isn’t half enough?

Not to mention that Muslims on the whole, findings suggest, are actually getting less moderate, and not “integrating” or beginning to integrate in the slightest. According to Channel 4 of all people, 31% of younger British Muslims say 7/7 bombings were justified compared to 14% of those over 45.

So 2nd and 3rd generation Muslims are even more hostile than the first ones to arrive here. What about the next generation? Will that figure double again to 62%?

I’m not sure I want to be alive to find out, but I do want to live long enough to see UKIP crumble. Stay safe. Health and happiness!

C.A., author.


The most interesting news of the day comes from the Dalai Lama’s visit to Malmö, Sweden, a highly immigrant dominated city with an astonishing crime rate, most victims of crimes being indigenous Swedes.

At a conference on how to create a more peaceful and happy society, the Dalai Lama has been quoted as saying of the situation that “Europe belongs to the Europeans”, the same thing we have been saying for years, and that “it should be made clear to refugees that they should return to their own countries and rebuild them”.

He also added “Receive them, help them, educate them… but ultimately they should develop their own country,”

Interestingly, this is the stance outlined in the manifestos of Alternative for Deutschland, Alternative for Sverige, Viva Malta, the BNP and the National Front. I suppose the next allegation the braindead left will attempt to employ is of namecalling the Dalai Lama a Neonazi skinhead or “Far right thug”.

In our hour of need, it seems only fitting that the man who would defend us and our right as Europeans to defend our heritage, culture and race is a man who himself knows all too well the devastating effects of ethnic replacement, having lived through communist China’s annexation of Tibet which sought to suppress Tibetan culture through hostility.

As significant as these comments are, isn’t it funny that no major left wing or even centrist newspaper has covered this story? I wonder why? They were all over the Dalai Lama when he was standing up for the legality of homosexual marriage.

Britain, and indeed Europe as a whole is on the precipice of complete destruction, a precipice that Tibetans know all too well, but a precipice they managed to climb away from. Organised crime syndicates established by second and third generation Jamaicand and Africams, bolstered by alleged refugees, already control parts of Manchester, Birmingham and most of South and East London, and the situation is even worse in Sweden with one town, Rinkeby, completely under migrant control and thus completely lawless.

Last year, 18 low-ranking members of the gang that run parts of Birmingham, the Burger Bar Boys, have been arrested after uploading videos to YouTube rapping about the murders they have committed towards the rival gang, “The Johnson Crew” who also own entire streets of inner Birmingham.

I think I’ll leave it there for now, but be sure to look up the stories for yourself.

Health and happiness! Ver heill og sæell!

C.A., author.


Seanachai (storyteller) Sean Ó Heiniri from Cil Ghallagain, County Mayo speaking Gaeilge:

Davy Quillin from Ellan Vannin speaking Manx:

Musician Darach Ó Cathain singing in Gaeilge Óro sé de bheatha bhaile:

A documentary in Gaeilge on the Gaeltacht, the Irish speaking parts of Ireland thare remain:

An anonymous poem in Cwmbric, the pre-Saxon language of lowland Scotland and Northern England, it survives partially in the Cumbrian dialect:

Ted Relph speaking the Cumbrian dialect, which derives from the Cwmbric language:

Welsh, Breton, Gaeilge, Manx and Gallig spoken, various speakers:

Irwin Bealby speaking Yorkshire crack:

Westcountry folk of Cornwall, Somerset and Devon:

Marty Miller from Truro speaking Cornish/Kernowek:

Music in Gaulish, the pre-Francish Celtic language of modern France:

Clifford Arban and Reg Cillett from the Suffolk Fens speaking East Anglian dialect, virtually dead nowadays:

Various speakers of the Black Country dialect:

Songs in the Lancashire dialect:

All people who have a vanguard and elitist mentality, like myself, are always regarded as partly mad even amongst their own groups because the vast majority of people do not want to know, the majority of people wish to live their own life in their own way, and they only look at these broader questions when life impinges upon them and the hand of life grasps them by the collar and they really cannot do any other thing but notice what is in front of them.

Said people, the majority of indigenous British people, would love if many of the problems of contemporary Britain, such as job shortages, youth unemployment, overpopulation, housing shortages and a loss of socio-religous identity just to name a few amongst many others which revolve around the process of immigration were to be solved but would love to have nothing to do with it themselves. They would love for someone, such as myself, to magically come forward without trouble and without fuss to deal with it on their behalf. They want no unpleasantness, and they want no nastiness particularly in their own name, but at the same time if somebody does things of any sort that could be ascribed to that they would run away and hide initially, be privately pleased, condemn the people that did it, support the people who were against them, and yet at the same time have a secret smirk and smile on their face about the whole thing, and they would do all of that simultaneously, because that’s what people are like, that’s what our own people are like, and that’s the funk and the state of internal confusion and bermusement that British people are in because every time they turn on the box in the corner it says that everything is marvelous and is all for the best and that there’s no need to worry and that we’re all sleepwalking towards victory.

The centre of Luton, England, which has been almost
almost entirely ethnically cleansed of indigenous
 Britons by Muslim “contributors”, 37.5% of which 
claim unemployment benefit from a nation
they simultaneously despise
Just because most of the politics of this era seems to be running well and truly against us does not mean that the situation is hopeless, because situations are never hopeless. Groups that have been dumbed down are have been perceived to have been dumbed down by history have undergone worse traumas than we are undergoing at the present time. The danger of the ideology of the victim, which I don’t really subscribe to except as a tactic on occasion, is that one begins to think like a victim and begins to act like a victim.

Many of our people now are almost asking for a whipping, asking for a collective beating and asking to be forgiven for the past, asking to be forgiven for sins and crimes of the past which they never committed, which they’re hardly aware of, which could be construed as acts of heroic cruelty or glorious vanguardism that don’t even need to be apologised for in the past or in the present.

(C.A.), author.

Communism kills the body, but liberalism rots the soul.

We cannot have a society in which death has no meaning, because then life has no meaning, and we cannot have a society that bases itself upon the absence of a religious urge, however you define that urge, and whatever system you use because your will end up with a society which has two values beyond subsistence, these two values being summarised in the title of a grubby play produced in London a couple of years ago called Shopping & Fornication.

We have been ruled by liberal ideas for many centuries now, but in the most acute form in the last 50 years. Liberal ideas wish to claim men and women as the same and as interchangeable, that war its morally bad, that all races are the same and should all live together, and that the population that lives within a country are merely existing within a “zone”, just an economic area, that everything is based upon rationalism and materialism and is purely a calculation of economic self interest.

Now, there’ll be many of you reading thinking “what is this bloke talking about? This is all abstraction.” but go out there in the street and you will see an example of a society that is based upon these sorts of ideas.

We face a situation in the West where paradoxically, spiritually, we are in a far worse state than the people that lived under communism, and this is one of the great ironies because the Marxist mania and communism froze things, it froze things glacially for 50 years in many respects, and much of the decay, the voluntary decay which we have imposed upon ourselves because of ideas that successive generations of our leaders have adopted from themselves and from others didn’t occur to the same degree in the East. The ideas of self and racial denigration, that patriotism is the worst evil on Earth, that patriotism is always one stop from genocide, that your own group (if one is even allowed to believe in such a thing) is always the worst group, these ideas haven’t been institutionalized or internalized quite to the same degree.

Its perverse that peace and plenty have produced more decadence and decay than hard-line puritanism, artistic philistinism, queuing and terror, but that’s what’s happened. Most people in Western societies now are so dumbed down and so degraded but almost every aspect of life that nearly any philosophical speculation about life is indeterminate and considered completely meaningless, its a channel which they never turn on.

The society that we have now it’s a result of the fact that every politician, in all of the parties represented in the major assemblies, including most so-called “radical right” parties which are in their essence still of a populist hue, believe in Homo Economicus, they believe that man is an economic integer, and nothing else m

“Immigration? Its good for the economy, don’t you know?”

But ask yourself, is life really about shopping? Is life really about making more and more money? Is life really about eating yourself to death?

The epitome of modern, Western liberal decadence

I personally believe as Evola did that people are hardwired for faith, maybe one in ten find they have no need of it at all, but for most people it is a requirement. The depth of the belief, the knowledge that goes into the belief, the system one comes out of is slightly incidental, but man needs emotional truths.

George Bernard Shaw once said that one man with belief is worth fifty men that don’t have any, whether this belief be philosophical, religous, semi-religous, philosophical molded into religous or vice versa. Without the belief that there is something above you and before you and beyond you and behind you which leads to that which is above you we seem as a species content to slough down into the lowest common denominator, the lowest possible level.

C.A., author.