The Secret Right Wing tool: Modern Fascists and their image, and what can be learned from it

There’s something not often considered in mainstream political circles, particularly on the Right Wing, something that, if discovered would change the political landscape. It is a great tool. And no, its not Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson is a very public “tool”.

There is a major concern in right wing politics at the current time over stereotypes. Since a favourite tactic of progressivism is to allege all wrongdoing or public image attributed to minorities as a wrongful propagation of a stereotype, I’ll flip this back around.

What is a mainstream stereotype proliferated about fascist/right wing/ nationalist people?

We’re all Skinheads that stink of beer, have swastikas tattooed on our arsecheeks and have grey smoker’s teeth, military jackets and stomp on foreigners with our steel capped boots at Millwall FC away games.

Where has this stereotype come from?

The Skinhead “subculture”, if by subculture we consider it an amalgamation of the words “culture” and “subhuman”, emerged out of the 1960s “Mod culture” which was characterised by flashy clothes, drinking culture and a general sense of youthful nihilism which departed from conventional values which the Mods, short for “modernists”, deemed too rigid and not American enough. They adopted African styles of music imported from America, such as Jazz, R&B and early reggae music. They were essentially the “Wiggas” of their generation.

It is then strange to learn that from this subculture, which derived its essence from the culture of coloured people, that the “Nazi Skinhead” subculture could emerge. It wasn’t until the National Front was founded in the 1970s that some of the rougher Mods became the Nazi Skinheads, which is rather ridiculous considering that NF was never even a fascist party and had little to do with Nazism, it was a populist party that was not anti-democratic, Nordicist, Esoterist or reactionary in any sense. They changed their name to the National Democrats in 1995, which if you ask me just makes them sound more ridiculous. What’s left of the NF is headed by a fat skinhead bloke called Kevin Bryan, who has political experience: he used to be Deputy Manager at KwikSave. The NF chose the Skinhead regalia as a sign of “working class solidarity” which was very much the backbone of right-wing populism for the time, in many ways opposed to the more intellectualised right-wing ideas proposed by Mosley, Evola and Guenon which likely flew way above their heads and were not considered proleteriat enough for the insurgent attitudes of post-war England.

This fat, useless ballsack is what people think modern day Fascism is about.

The “Nazi Skinheads” developed a bad name not only for themselves, but for fascism, which they were never representative of in the first place. Being a nationalist or fascist soon became associated with being dim-witted and quick to violence, just like the people from the NF and smaller peripheral groups whose spiritual successors include Britain First and the English Defence League previously headed by Zionist hooligan stooge Tommy Robinson.

Rather than try to stop the spread of this “Nazi Skinhead” image, the mainstream at the time and even to this day have attempted to romanticize and popularise this image because it does the right wing more harm than good. Films like This is England, Green Street Hooligans,  and many more have attempted in my view to subliminally convert the traditionalist fascists like myself, or even merely the image in peoples’ heads of what a fascist is, into this Skinhead image which is not in touch with the tradition, ethics and aesthetics of Traditionalism and Fascism. It is my opinion that the left wingers making these films have 3 main aims by making these films:

  1. Show a scary image of fascism which deters people who are interested from pursuing it further
  2. Turn well mannered, well dressed fascists into unintelligible thugs by romanticizing the Skinhead culture.
  3. Change mainstream impressions of what fascists act, look like and believe to weaponize the mainstream against an enemy that doesn’t actually exist until they have created it. Problem, Reaction, Solution as David Icke puts it.

A perfect example of how inaccurate the Skinhead image is can be found when you first and foremost compare the original fascists like Oswald Mosley and Julius Evola and their spiritual successors such as myself to these so called “fascist” Nazi Skinheads. Real fascists never acted and looked the way that these people do. They were well-spoken, well-dressed, intelligent, calm and educated individuals who were most of the time distinguished members of society before they adopted Fascism.They were not, like the NF leader Kevin Bryan, fat, lazy former supermarket till assistants with beer bellies.

It isn’t something the mainstream wants us to know about because they would rather either people like me abandoned right wing ideology completely or became a violent and destructive criminal like members of the EDL which would make my ideology by extension look ridiculous.

Stay calm at all times, even when your enemies incite you to anger. If you stay calm, people are more likely to listen to what you have to say, you are more likely to convey with accuracy what it is that you mean to say, you can listen more effectively and it will annoy your opponents more that they are getting annoyed and you aren’t. Don’t stoop to the level of people like the EDL who are in essence merely the mirror image of Antifa and UAF.

Be well dressed, well spoken and polite. Smile sarcastically in the face of the enemy. As King Leonidas said of the Persians, “Give them nothing, but take from them everything”. Don’t give in to the Neo-Nazi Skinhead propaganda train, it is a product of Hollywood and should remain nothing more.

They want right wing people kicking, screaming and acting like idiots like a lot of left wing people do, that’s why the image of hooligans and Skinheads is promoted. Don’t be a Paul Golding, be an Oswald Mosley.  🙂

Health and happiness!


  • Proud to be a “Skinhead”
  • Commit unwarranted violence or consider violence entertaining.
  • Have a hatred for law and order, including an unwarranted disrespect or insulting of Police.
  • Own a Staffordshire Terrier or Pitbull
  • Have numerous unknown children through promiscuous relationships.
  • Smell of beer and cigarettes
  • Wear a biker jacket at all times
  • Have meaningless and ugly tattoos (not all tattoos are meaningless and ugly)
  • Grossly overweight (Paul Golding perhaps?)
  • Use derogatory words for dramatic effect
  • Drive excessively noisy and dangerous vehicles
What the mainstream thinks Fascists look like


  • Proud to be an a beacon of inspiration
  • Be ready to defend yourself reluctantly if necessary
  • Work to change the political and social climate through strength of will
  • Control your urges and vices
  • Quit drinking alcohol and taking drugs of any kind
  • Dress well, be an example of the cause to all who see you
  • Train your body and mind in the Temple of Iron
  • Speak politely, even to your enemies. In fact, especially to your enemies.
What Fascists actually looked like (British Union of Fascists)

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