Who are the Aryans? part 2: Indo-European Aryans in ancient India and China:

The Aryans are the Fallen Angels of Light sent down to by Lord Vishnu, the Allfather or Jupiter, amongst other names to maintain law and order and to fight against chaos, personified in various Aryan cultures as the demon Kali in Hinduism, the Jötunn in Norse religion, Satan or the Nephilim in Semitic religion and the Titans in Greek religion.

The Aryans, meaning descendant of Ares, God of War, and also Arya in Sanskrit, meaning “noble” are the priestly class of India and are of European descent. The Aryans people have fought injustice and strived to the virtue of the gods for thousands of years. Ares derives from the proto Indo-European word Marēs, meaning “I strive”.

The Greek god Ares, after which the Aryans are named

The Aryans made their way as far as Northern China, where they became known as the Tocharians. The oldest known mummies in China date from 2000BC and are of Indo-Iranian descent, not Oriental descent. These Tocharians built sophisticated cities whilst the neighbouring Han and Mongol people lived in Nomadic tribes. Unlike the Chinese, the Tocharians were also fair haired and unusually tall. When the land around the Tocharians cities became arid, around the 6th century AD, the Tocharians were ethnically cleansed from history and were assimilated into neighbouring populations.

The Aryans, as I mentioned fared better in India, spreading European religion which in India became known as Hinduism. They were the great scholars and holy men of their time, leading by example. Aryan does not exclusively mean blond haired and blue eyed.

One of the Tocharian mummies found in China’s Tarim Basin, dated to around 2000BC

Videos for further research:

Documentary segment on Tocharians

Images of Indian Aryans, including Vishnu’s incarnation, the Blessed Lord Hare Krishna:

Map showing the dispersal of the Aryan Bloodline over time:

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