Fear is their constricting power, but we as Brahman are limitless

“You must always be ready for peace and at the same time courageous. To be peaceful requires courage, and to be courageous requires one to be peaceful.” Adolf Hitler

Like him or lump him, or a bit of both, this quote is completely true, and also not one of the quotes the mainstream allows to proliferate, because they don’t want people to be able to make their own mind up about a person because its easier to judge a person or situation when one doesn’t see the broader picture. We must be forced to see all things and people in binary, black and white, rather than seeing the good and bad in all people which is what we should be doing. That’s by the by for now though.

To be peaceful one must be brave, and to brave one must be peaceful. Without courage there can be no peace, and vice versa. There are two types of fearless people: idiots and geniuses. I’m not sure which one I am, so I’ll leave it down to you to decide.

Success in life is about the willingness to sacrifice oneself at any given moment

Either way though, fear is the only power that can ever hold us against becoming what we were always meant to be. Whether your Hindu, pagan or a Nietzschean, whether you call this sense of “becoming” Brahman, crossing the Bifröst bridge or becoming an Übermensch, the principle remains the same: cut off your tethers and you will ascend.

Both the mainstream left and right wing agenda are both controlled not by logic, reason and experience, but by fear. Fear of the opposite sex, fear of other manifestations of reality expressed as the various races, fear of the future, fear of the past and what happened 200 years ago, fear of war, fear of death, fear of life, fear of unemployment, fear of employment, fear of saying something incorrect, fear of the consequences of being correct, all angles and all ends of the political spectrum, same common denominator of all these problems: fear.

Fear has arisen and become the dominant force in society because spirituality has reached its lowest ebb in known human history. The perceptions of interpretations of perennial truth have been abandoned in search of a new religion: often times the search for pleasure which cannot be sated or the search for money or of a prominent status in society which grants one the false sensation of becoming a God King of the atheist world, such as is the case with the fame-hungry.

“The deluded man thinks pains alleviate pain. The deluded man thinks enjoyment of pleasures gives happiness.” Markandeya Purana

No longer is the focus of life seen to be that of living within balance and order, but increasingly the desperate and relentless desire to consume: purchase items, inebriate oneself, acquire sexual partners, earn money, repeat until death.

The first step away from fear is to realise there is nothing to lose by not stepping away from the status quo. Mainstream society and thought is an intellectual and spiritual death that merely delays a physical death which is considered to be the final destination.

This is worthless and futile, and must be moved away from, else nothing can be achieved.

Fear of death, fear of being poor, all of these things stop us from moving away from this society, but we must. We are infinite, limitless brahman, we are a bubble waiting to burst into the atmosphere, never gone but changing shape. The death of the body is not the death of being.

All the great people throughout history, Jesus, the Sikh gurus, the martyrs, the Kings, William Wallace, Boudicca, they are remembered because they were willing to die for what they believed in, they were willing to break through the illusion of “this world” in order to achieve whatever it was at that particular time needed to be achieved.

All fear is a useless anchor; fear should be converted into knowledge, reason and true power.

Health and happiness!

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