Indigenous Aryan Tajik people of Tajikistan

The Tajik people of Tajikistan, a small country in Asia just West of Pakistan, are direct descendants of the Indo-Europeans and the Aryan wave.

Most Tajiks speak Persian whilst others speak different dialects or languages of the Indo-Iranian family. Most Tajiks were converted to Islam by the Arabs to the South, though they all used to practice Zoroastrianism.

Groups like the Tajiks, Persians and Kalash people break the reenforced concept of the Middle East as an Arab, totalitarian, Abrahamic wasteland bereft of extant culture or civilization. I can only hope for their continued survival. Things aren’t looking good at the minute though as emigration to the West, encouraged by our heartless capitalist and globalist government means that men are leaving Tajikistan for our doll money and leaving Tajik women unmarried.

Boys from Tajikistan

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