Esoteric Knowledge, part 3: What are dwarves, dark elves and light elves?

The English word elf stems from Saxon ælf, from Proto-Germanic althiz, and in turn from proto-Indo European albos, meaning “white”.

The latin name Albus stems from the same root word as the word elf, and also means “white”. The old name for the kingdom of Scotland, Alba, stems from this same root word as Albus and elf. In the Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling, the pure blooded Death Eaters, who are mockingly designed to represent indigenous Europeans, kill Albus Dumbledore, a symbol for ancient, white European wisdom, symbolising the reality of Europe’s spiritual suicide.

One of the old names of Britain, Albion, also means “white” because the people of the island of Britain looked so white compared to the Roman invaders that the face of each man and woman was like looking into the gleaming sun. The word Britain also stems from the same root word as the word “bright” or to “brighten” because of our skin colour and decoration, but that’s by the by for now.

In Indigenous European mythology, the elves are a race of pale, fair-haired beings that protect nature and work with the Gods to protect inferior spiritual beings. Elves are presented as being skilled in witchcraft, caring towards nature and pure of spirit; they are very similar (and likely historically linked) to the Jewish concept of angels which assumed the role in our mythology that the elves likely once held.


Elves represent the good part of each person’s spirit, the “white” part of the soul that wants to do good and strives to be close to the metaphysical wisdom symbolised by the Gods. Alfheimr, the home of the elves is said to reside far to the North.

On the opposite side are the dwarves, also referred to as Dökkálfar, “dark elves”  and Svartálfar, “black elves” represent the forces of evil which reside within nature and within each human, the “dark” aspect of the soul which wishes to pervert morality, corrupt and destroy. The English word dwarf stems from the Saxon word dwerg, from Proto-Germanic dwergaz and in turn from Proto-Indo-European dwerh, meaning “to pervert”, “to deceive” or “to torture”. The Sanskrit word dhvárati also stems from the same root as the word dwarf, and means “to hurt”.

Jewish Dwarves


The dwarves are portrayed in European folklore as diminutive in stature, cunning, bereft of empathy, greedy, and, if not black-skinned, they are always portrayed as darker than the other races which live above them on Yggdrasil, the tree of life which symbolises spiritual progression. They typically live a troglodytic existence and exist merely to accumulate wealth and physical treasures. In Gyalfaginning, king Gylfi described the light elves as “pleasing to look at”, whilst the dark elves or dwarves live underground, behave quite unlike light elves and are “blacker than pitch”.

Whilst the elves, or light elves as they are sometimes referred to as, practice magic that focuses on preventing tragedies and generating fortune, the dwarves are sorcerers that practice magic for their own ends, such as in the West Indian Voodoo tradition.

It is my personal supposition that, rather than suggesting that coloured people are inherently evil and white people are inherently holy, but that each race has an inherent inclination or disinclination from moral virtue, or that the outer appearance is suggestive of an inner tendency. Children, especially European children, begin their life with pale hair and occasionally even pale eyes. However, as children begin to develop, often times spiritually devolving due to exposure to the degeneracy of the modern world, their hair and eye colour changes. This is because typically each human has the genes for a number of different phenotypes but these phenotypes, such as eye colour, hair colour, personality changes are only turned on by specific stimulate. Most Europeans have genes for both light and dark hair and thus can switch between the two.

Textbook dark elf

Believe it or not, I used to have blonde hair and grey eyes. As I have learnt more about my heritage, native religion, morality and mythology, my eye colour has began to change from dark hazel back to more greenish, and on some occasions back to grey. In men, a changing of facial hair colour often appears at the time of a spiritual transformation, or an ascendance up the Tree of Life/Tree of Knowledge into the realm of the elves, Alfheimr, which is a state of being and not a physical realm, the tree of life Yggdrasil representing the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the greedy dwarves (in my opinion possibly representing the Jews)burrow deep into the mountains in search of gold and precious jewels, but awaken a large red dragon called Smaug, in my opinion representing the Red Dragon of St George and the British spirit.

There’s a lot to cover related to this subjects, and I intend to delve into the meanings of specific myths in later articles. This is a substantial enough introduction for now.

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