How does one properly measure Cephalic Index and what is its significance? PART 1

Craniometry, the science of skulls, is a forbidden one in today’s world due mostly to its associations with dubious racial classification in the early 20th century.
Since, according to the modern worldview, we are all the same and equal, yet simultaneously brilliantly unique and special, any consideration of biological components associated with intrinsic value has largely been rejected.
At the centre of the aforementioned racial classifications of the early 20th century was the Cephalic Index, a ratio determined from the width of one’s skull, multiplied by 100 and divided by its height. The lower the value, the longer the head and the lower the Cephalic Index. A CI of lower than 75 constituted being classified as Dolichocephalic, meaning “Long-Headed”.  Between 76-81 is Mesocephalic (Medium-Headed) and above 81 is Brachyocephalic, “Wide-Headed”.

Southern Italian men
with brachycephalic skulls

People of all skull sizes are found in a lot of races across the world, and anyone with a Dolichocephalic skull was considered to have Aryan blood and be of a higher class than people with Mesocephalic and Brachyocephalic skulls. Whilst many Nordic people are Dolichocephalic, also many coloured people such as Ugandans and Berbers are also Long-Headed, as was noted in the below diagram:

Coloured people can also
be dolichocephalic

After the Second World War, most research into skull sizes was stopped and some of the records that had been made were destroyed. However, what research did suggest was a worldwide division of intelligence into theze 3 groupings, and a correlation of longer skulls to a greater IQ, regardless of race. Ergo, coloured people with longer skulls such as the Berbers have greater IQs than whites with short skulls, such as the Southern Italians. Since my father is from Malta, I have no bias in saying Southern Italians have shorter heads! On the reverse, whites with longer skulls such as the Germans (in general) score higher on IQ tests than Mediterraneans but lower than Inuits, Jews and East Asians, who generally have a very low CI.

Here are my own personal measurements:

Skull Width: 13.25cm
Skull Depth: 17cm 
Cephalic Index: 77.9
Skull Type: Mesocephalic (Medium-Headed)

Skull depth should be measured from between 
the  eyebrows to the most prominent point
 at the back of the head, whilst skull width should 
be measured  from the point above 
the cheekbones near the ears

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