The demonization of "Aryan" people in modern media, part 1

An interesting revelation struck me earlier on today. I was watching an old Tim Burton classic, Edward Scissorhands, released in 1990, and noticed something quite strange my younger mind had not when I first saw the film years ago.

In the film, Edward, a maladjusted individual who has lived in isolation on a castle above a town called Tinsmith Circle, is brought into the local community by a good-natured lady, Peg. Edward, who as the title suggests, has scissors for hands, has never lived in society before and is taken in by Peg’s family. Edward has a crush on Peg’s daughter, Kim, who has blonde hair and hazel eyes.

Trouble starts when Kim’s boyfriend, Jim (who is blonde haired and blue eyed) who is angry that Edward has feelings for Kim, bullies Edward, calling him a retard, laughing at him and cons him into getting arrested for robbery, when Edward has no concept of whst robbery is.

All of Jim’s friends, as well as Kim who are also blonde haired and blue eyed, are accomplices to conning Edward and are presented as cruel and evil. The town, exclusively and overemphatically white, turns on Edward in a blind rage for his “crime”.

The issue I have with this, if one wishes to call it an issue, lies not with this isolated instance. In actuality, Tim Burton’s political stance has always been strongly and unashamedly pro-white. Burton is well known in Hollywood for refusing to cast coloured people in his films, wanting to publish films about, true to and for white people, and good on him for it.

“Nowadays, people are talking about it more [regarding the forcing of coloured people into films], but a situation either calls for things or it doesn’t.” Tim Burton

The issue doesn’t lie with Burton, rather the film sparked an idea in my head which connected to many other similair experiences I’d had with films across the years.

It is no surprise to those in the know that the film industry has a long history of being anti-white, and anti right wing. Just remember what they did to Mel Gibson for saying a bad word against the Jews back in 2006. The Harry Potter franchise, a product of Arch Libtard JK Rowling is the quintessential example.

The Death Eaters, the wizarding nationalists who advocate for the policy of pure blood within the wizarding world, are portrayed as evil and antagonistic, the majority portrayed in the film as blonde haired and blue eyed. The Death Eaters are eventually overthrown by the jolly, inclusive community of Hogwarts (which is ironically also overwhelmingly white but still less white than The Death Eaters, which demonstrates Rowling’s embarrassing inability to connect with coloured people even when she tries to). It seems ultimately that what the Death Eaters wanted was perfectly reasonable; they wanted the wizarding world to remain free of interference from the outside world. How unreasonable of them. Voldemort himself in the novel is described as a half blood out to rid the wizarding world of both muggle-borns and half-bloods like himself; I can’t help but see where he’s coming from.

I think there is one coloured Death Eater on there. Look at that bunch of evil white people!

The two examples listed so far don’t even cover films and books with generally anti-white, often Black Supremacist themes, such as Black Panther, Get Out and Blakkklansmen. I will write a seperate article on this topic apart from the main topic of this article.

The reason I refer to the term “Aryan” in quotation marks is due to the scholarly term having a different definition to the more commonly considered one, “blonde haired and blue eyed”, which I wrote an earlier article on, describing the term’s more accurate definition as being a person of noble birth in one of the higher Indo-European varnas, such as the Indian Aryan Brahmin.

In the original Star Wars Trilogy, and in a brief cameo in the abhorrent rehash The Last Jedi, Grand Moff Tarkin, general of The Empire’s Fleet, is played by blue eyed English actor Sir Peter Cushing, in the latter film as a CGI reconstruction. Tarkin leads the Imperial Fleet along with Vader, the Empire being a system of “space fascism”, which seeks to ensnare the galaxy under the control of the white storm troopers.

In the Back to the Future franchise, Marty McFly is bullied by the dim-witted, irrational and brutish Biff Tannen, who coincidentally has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Biff Tannen from Back to the Future

I haven’t the time to flesh out these ideas as much as I would like at the minute, but I’ve compiled a quick list of more evidence:

Every Bond villain is white, and the majority of them are Northern European with either a Scandinavian or German accent, such as the blonde haired Bond villain Mads Mikkelsen. The PC brigade are very quick to enforce a coloured James Bond, but wo betide a coloured person is portrayed as a villain.

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is the bad guy in everything.
Why? He has a Germanic accent and appearance.

James Bond faces muscular blond henchmen on a regular basis:

From Russia with Love: Red Grant, a cold-blooded assassin (but Not So Above It All in the novel, leading to his downfall).
Thunderball: Vargas, who got the point.
You Only Live Twice: Hans, who ends up being a victim to the Piranha Problem.
For Your Eyes Only: Erich Kriegler, who, despite being an Olympic shooter, seems to have graduated from the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy.
The Living Daylights: Necros, a Master of Disguise who strangles people with his Walkman earphones (and may be more famous as John McClane’s first victim in Die Hard).
Tomorrow Never Dies: Mr. Stamper, a bleached blond this time.
In A View to a Kill, Big Bad Max Zorin himself is blond and the result of a Nazi Mad Scientist’s breeding experiment in the 1940s.
In a recent aversion/inversion, Bond himself is now blond and somewhat more of an Anti-Hero (although people complained about him being blond and demanded he dye it to black, which was wisely ignored).
Doctor Who: Arch enemy of the Doctor, the Master, is played by blond haired English actor John Simm.

The Purge franchise features a predominantly coloured cast of protagonists in each film, with a bloodthirsty group of wealthy, blonde haired, blue eyed antagonists baying for their blood. That’s very subtle and original.

In James Cameron’s Avatar (great film overral, minus this factor), the primary antagonist is the bloodthirsty, irrational anti-Na’vi Colonel Miles who is, surprise surprise, blonde haired and blue eyed, played by Jewish actor Stephen Lang whose father, Eugene Lang, was a prominent Jewish philanthropist who founded the Pericles Foundation, which funded socialist Universities in the US.

The Lannisters from Game of Thrones
Luke from Percy Jackson

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