Britain’s Foreign Aid Crisis: Where does foreign aid go and why are we feeding others before our own?


Despite there being 250’000 homeless people in the UK, most of which being white, ex-forces blokes, the UK government pumps 0.7% of the UK’s income on foreign aid.

In 2017, the UK’s Gross National Income was 2 Trillion pounds. Ergo, 0.07 x 2 trillion, or in simpler terms 14 Billion pounds per year. We are forced, or rather “strongly encouraged” by the globalist controlled UN to cough up this figure ever year, straight out of working class British pockets.

The majority of foreign aid goes to third world countries to pay for “Crisis Relief”, whatever that means, and mostly goes to Pakistan, Syria, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Afghanistan.

Firstly, why the welfare of those countries is of any relevance to the average British person is beyond me. The majority of us want to get on with our own lives, in our own societies and look after our own people.

Secondly, why are we coughing up money for Nigerians when they have not one, but two royal families, with one king’s net worth at $250 million and another at $75 million? The king must be pissing himself laughing at how gullible the Corbynite, Russell Brand-esque, champagne socialist cuntpigs of this country are. How much foreign aid is King Ooni of Ife, pictured right, giving to his own people?

Nigeria’s King Ooni. This is the bloke
 that’s pocketing your hard-earned money
Another point, what is this money then spent on when it arrives and how do we know its being spent on what it was intended for? The answer is, and I know because I’ve heard it straight from Theresa May’s mouth, we have no clue what its spent on and we have no way of finding out, although I have an inkling its going towards Mr Ooni’s next Rolex.
Call me heartless, but when we live in a country in which our own people, the people who we share blood, history and country with, are sleeping rough because of how they’ve been conned out of a life by the state of our country, which itself is increasingly resembling a third world dystopia, I would not hesitate to completely cut all “Foreign Aid” and focus on our own problems. This is what we could do with 14 Billion pounds per year:
Hire 700’000 more firemen, police and nurses (assuming salary of £20’000)
Run 87 more hospitals (at a size of 200 beds)
Feed and house ALL of our homeless people 5 TIMES OVER (assuming a cost of housing a person in a hostel and paying for their food at £12’000 per year)
Reference on foreign aid:
Sorry Syrians, but my own people come first.
C.A., author.

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