Poetry of Northwestern England, my back o’ behind

Northwestern dialect:

Am honestly gettin sick a talkin proper. What’s ado with not talkin proper anyway? It only mekks it harder spekking words how ther spelt, not ta mention it would be nowt like a doo if we all gabbed sham. So, do summat reet and pop int library or on t’internet an ‘ave a luke at yer local gab, spek it gay often and bring it bag inta fettle!

Posh Talk:
I tire of speaking properly. What is wrong with conversing in an improper manner? Not doing so only serves to make pronunciation difficult, and life would not be particularly pleasant if all conversation was alike. Ergo, retreat to your preferred research methodology, learn about dialects, speak them often and revive them!
Just a few to get yus started.

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