Chester and Crewe prior to "Cultural Enrichment"

The old city of Chester in the 1930s, prior to being enriched by the delightful waves of upstanding individuals that produced Brook Street. Notice on the video people are standing talking to one another on the rows, no incompetent culturally enriched taxi drivers or traffic jams, there are no piss stains on the rows, there are no homeless drug addicts, and the town is half as busy as it is today.

Likewise Crewe, which now has a population of 70’000, only had a population of 70 (!) in the early 19th century, after which the town was irreparably altered. Even post-IR, the population of Crewe was only 30’000 when these pictures were taken.

Needless to say, due to how enriched Brook Street, Chester has become, it has now been transformed unrecognisably from the white privelaged, offensively clean, narrow-minded and racist street it once was into a lively, characterful and totally not ridden with crime area, thriving in our newly formed multicultural Britain where us indigenous people just shut up and enjoy the show! Worked well for the native Americans, so thanks Ahmed’s Takeaway, Halal Food Market and Polki Sklep, Chester wouldn’t be as good without you!

Brook Street, Chester in the 1960s

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