Examples of the Celtic languages and British dialects, by native speakers

Seanachai (storyteller) Sean Ó Heiniri from Cil Ghallagain, County Mayo speaking Gaeilge:

Davy Quillin from Ellan Vannin speaking Manx:

Musician Darach Ó Cathain singing in Gaeilge Óro sé de bheatha bhaile:

A documentary in Gaeilge on the Gaeltacht, the Irish speaking parts of Ireland thare remain:

An anonymous poem in Cwmbric, the pre-Saxon language of lowland Scotland and Northern England, it survives partially in the Cumbrian dialect:

Ted Relph speaking the Cumbrian dialect, which derives from the Cwmbric language:

Welsh, Breton, Gaeilge, Manx and Gallig spoken, various speakers:

Irwin Bealby speaking Yorkshire crack:

Westcountry folk of Cornwall, Somerset and Devon:

Marty Miller from Truro speaking Cornish/Kernowek:

Music in Gaulish, the pre-Francish Celtic language of modern France:

Clifford Arban and Reg Cillett from the Suffolk Fens speaking East Anglian dialect, virtually dead nowadays:

Various speakers of the Black Country dialect:

Songs in the Lancashire dialect:

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